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About Creket™️
We are Creket™️ - the creators market where you buy, sell, and discover branded content. Our mission is to help creators power sponsorship businesses. Creket strives to support creators who wish to gain consistent and sustainable income through their own creativity. Creket empowers creators to build connection, community, and trust with their most passionate brands and fans. 

Creket은 크리에이터가 시청 구독 수익 뿐 아니라 광고 스폰서쉽을 따내는 방송국이 되게 해주자는 미션 아래, 틈새 시장에서 활약하는 독창성 있는 크리에이터와 콜라보 기회를 찾는 브랜드가 스폰서쉽을 직거래할 수 있는 마켓 플레이스를 만들고 있습니다.



Creket is at an early-stage startup, a hectic place to work that is great for those hungry to seize new opportunities. Our members are driven by passion, and we want to work with people who love Creket just as much as we do. Challenge us and show us what you can do - development, marketing, sales, UX, or strategies that you can impact the world of creators and sponsors. It’s vital that you be a super hustler who is passionate about Creket. We are also a global, remote working environment from South Korea, Australia, Thailand, and the United States.

If you are looking for an outlier opportunity, shoot us your pitch at team (at) creket.co. Check out Creket job openings.
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